Real estate in San Francisco is a significant investment and it’s important to protect your investment by ensuring that it is as earthquake resistant as possible. This means having an engineering inspection and, if necessary, earthquake retrofitting from a qualified and experienced engineering firm.

Even if your building isn’t one of the soft story buildings built before 1979, an engineering inspection is a good idea because so many existing buildings need upgrades as a result of frequent code changes, energy efficiency improvement and the overall savings that this procedure can provide. At Consulting Engineers Corp., it is our goal to provide the best design for each project to protect your investment as well as minimize loss of life.

Unfortunately, too many building owners put off getting this service done until it’s too late. We’ve conducted a list of the circumstances that may call for retrofitting, and if you and your building fit into one of these sections, then you should definitely contact us to schedule your consultation with one of our experts.

Times You May Need Retrofitting

When you own a house, apartment building, or commercial or industrial building of any age in the San Francisco area, it is important to comply with regulations about seismic preparedness for structures and implement an earthquake retrofit when necessary.

If no changes to the building have been made, you may still need earthquake retrofitting because of changes in building codes.

If you’ve made alterations to your building or it was built before 1979 and has a soft story, there is a chance that you are in need of seismic retrofitting to be prepared for the inevitable earthquake.

If you have any doubt of the integrity of the structure in question, be sure to call Consulting Engineers Corp. for a seismic inspection and possible retrofitting.

The Consulting Engineers Corp. Difference

Consulting Engineers Corp. are the experts to help you navigate the jargon-filled world of seismic retrofitting. We have been active in the engineering field since 1970 and in that time have designed over 100,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space in the Bay area. Our retrofitting services are complete. Unlike many other companies who just do part of the process, we’ll be there from start to finish.

Here are some of the services you can expect when you work with Consulting Engineers:

  • No obligation telephone consultations.
  • An engineer will perform an on-site inspection and evaluation for each individual job contracted.
  • A custom design is created for your structure—no two designs are alike.
  • We chose the design that is best for the structure and most cost effective for the customer.
  • We work with lenders, banks, brokers, etc. to secure funding for the project.
  • We can provide construction services if need to implement the design.

The quality difference is there from the start. You get expert service, from consultation to completion of the project, and expert execution. Many engineering firms don’t visit the site before they make plans for the seismic retrofit, but we do. You benefit from our decades of experience in the field. There is no need to employ a separate contractor—we can do all the work ourselves. This can be a great advantage when unexpected things pops up. Our engineer can change the plan there and then, avoiding lengthy delays and the headaches that come with them. Your building changes will be brought up to code and your soft story building weaknesses will be strengthened.

Protect your building from damage, protect the people in them from injury or loss of life, and protect yourself from liability by turning to Consulting Engineers Corp. for an earthquake retrofit.


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