Investing in a commercial building, especially in the state of California, is no small feat. The real estate is pricey, and the risk is high, so why would you be willing to chance the safety and security of your building in the chance of an earthquake?

The reality of the matter is that most of the commercial buildings throughout the state of California were built in the year 1979 or earlier. There simply isn’t much open space in the inner cities for new buildings to come up. That means that you are investing your money and time into a building that could be unsound for when these types of accidents happen, so what solutions do you have access to?

Most business owners will leave it to chance, and accept the fate that their building, and many others, simply won’t make it through the earthquake. Other business owners will turn to rebuilding and think that it’s the only option that they have, dishing out hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars for a structure that is more sound.The last option, however, is the one that commercial investors need to be aware of: retrofitting.

Retrofitting a Commercial Space

Most commercial spaces were designed beautifully, but they don’t always incorporate the support that’s needed to maintain stability during some of the toughest earthquakes. Because of that, they wind up with more damage and less efficiency with energy than other buildings. In these cases, the experts at Consulting Engineers Corp. will provide a consultation of the space and give you an idea of what types of things you would need to have done in order to make this space function in both design and security.

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