Whether you plan on getting a inspection on a property that you’re interested in purchasing or to ensure your home is safe from natural disasters like hurricanes, there are a few things you should expect. In this blog, we’ll discuss what normally happens during a inspection, so you can be well-prepared when it comes time to call a engineer.

At Consulting Engineers Corp., we’re passionate about providing California with some of the bestengineer services available. Whether you’ve invested in a commercial building, industrial space, or multi-unit housing development, hiring a engineer to investigate your property is a surefire way to ensure your building is not only safe, but secure during the event of an earthquake. While most business owners will leave the fate of their building up to chance, we highly encourage you to take the necessary precautions for your tenants’ safety. Check out our past projects online or contact us today to learn more!

When Do You Need A Engineer?

  • There are cracks in the foundation or walls of your home
  • You’ve notice that the walls or roof have started to bow or sag
  • You are building a brand new home that is under construction
  • A mortgage company or bank needs an engineer’s opinion before writing a home loan
  • You notice an infestation of carpenter ants, termites, or other pests
  • When an appraiser receives a defect

If you notice any of the above signs or symptoms in your building, it may be time to call the professionals. At Consulting Engineers Corp. in Santa Clara, we’ve helped hundreds of California home and business owners ensure that their structure is equipped to handle the stresses of natural disasters and earthquakes.

As registered engineers in the states of California, Mississippi, Oregon, and Washington, we’re passionate about providing comprehensive and custom seismic retrofit designs to each and every one of our clients. If you’re currently the owner or facility manager of a building that needs to become compliant with current seismic preparedness codes, contact our friendly staff today!

What Will Be Inspected During A Inspection?

When you hire a engineer to inspect your home, commercial building, or industrial facility, they will take the time to inspect your property in a thorough and efficient manner. The slab, foundation, and roof of your property is subject to stress and damage. However, a engineer can help you identify problem areas of your asset.

When a engineer visits your property, their number one goal is to identify any safety hazards that the structure may have. This means that the inspector will look at the structure of your building, along with anything that is attached to it. This may include your garage, porch, deck, and guest house.

The Interior and Exterior of Your Home

A engineer will carefully examine both the interior and exterior of your home. During this time, they will keep a keen eye out for any deteriorated or distressed conditions that may be an issue down the line. They will also suggest potential repairs to your structure, along with an estimated range of costs.

Your Roof

When an inspector visits your property, they will take the time to inspect and evaluate the condition of your roofing system. They’ll look for any signs of leakage, roof surfacing, flashing, and even the condition of your gutters. If any of these areas require professional attention, your inspector will inform you of the best repair or replacement options.


The framing of your property can easily become weakened or damaged, especially in the state of California where earthquakes are a very common natural disaster. When a engineer inspects the framing of your home, they will keep a close eye on any deficiencies. To do this, they will inspect every visible and accessible portion of the framing.

We hope this article has been helpful and has given you some insight on what to expect from a home or business inspection.

Engineers In California

If you live in California and you’re concerned that your home, commercial building, or multi-unit housing development may be at risk, contact the professionals at Consulting Engineers Corp. today. We specialize in seismic retrofitting, and we can put you at ease about the integrity of your structure.