Since the implementation of the 2103 code that requires seismic retrofitting of wooden-frame buildings in San Francisco, there have been companies popping up that advertise their retrofit services. Be careful when you are choosing a company to do your seismic retrofitting work for you. Many contractors do insufficient work and charge you more than they need to because you need to be compliant with the code.

Experience and Qualifications Count

  • Consulting Engineering Corp is an experienced engineering company that has over 41 years of experience designing and retrofitting spaces around the Bay area.
  • In fact, we have designed over 100,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial buildings since 1970.
  • We work with some of the biggest names in California development. We offer both turn-key design and retrofitting services.
  • Our engineers are certified by the SECB (Structural Engineering Certification Board), we are licensed engineers in the States of California, Oregon Mississippi and Washington.
  • We are members of SEAONC (Structural Engineers Association of Northern California).
  • We are lifetime members of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). We are on the certified engineering list of most national lenders, brokers, and insurance companies.


Our seismic retrofitting services include a free telephone consultation, on-site inspection, visits to other sites if you wish, to see our work, a design that is custom made for your building, and implementation of the design. Retrofitting can include the construction of shear walls, stabilizing supporting beams, reinforcement for openings such as garage door openings and the addition of steel moment frames.


When you set up an inspection, we will come out to your home or commercial building and analyze the structure. We will inspect post and beam connections and calculate the load bearing capability of the current structure. If past retrofitting has been done, we can ensure that the work has been done correctly and with properly rated hardware and techniques.


During a retrofitting project, we will do all the work necessary to ensure your home or commercial building is compliant with San Francisco Retrofitting Code.

We will check that any cripple wall, reinforce supporting beams, create cast-in-place shear walls, create supports for new wall openings, and install steel moment frames. We can also do any repairs that you have and do so that they will withstand the geological forces, the utmost ability of any structure.

Custom Work

Because San Francisco architecture has gone through many historical phases, there are many types of home in the area, and each type has it’s own characteristic that need to be treated in it’s own way. We customize our design to the needs of your home or commercial building. We will also take into account your other needs, including your budget. We deliver the most cost-effective  cost-effective, seismic retrofitting by experienced engineers.

Call today and schedule a free telephone consultation. If you want to know more about seismic retrofitting, including what some of the terms we use frequently mean, be sure to check back for our next blog in which we will explore some of the common terminology used in retrofitting.