A Full-Service Engineering Design Firm

Founded in 1970, Consulting Engineers Corp. has been offering full-service custom engineering, specializing in seismic retrofitting for over 45 years. Faced with some of the most complex geographic and geotechnical challenges in the nation, we are pleased to offer commercial and industrial building owners affordable access to safe and effective engineering and design that protects their investments as well as human life.

As recognized and respected industry leaders, we provide a variety of services specifically to meet the needs of building occupants, construction companies, and property developers. By providing a comprehensive analysis, including PML, SEL, and SUL, we work to ensure the long-term safety and security of your properties. But our services don’t stop with the analysis—we offer comprehensive engineering, earthquake retrofit services.


Your Partner In Earthquake Retrofitting

When you need earthquake retrofitting to secure your building changes, to strengthen your soft story, and to bring your building into compliance with ever-changing building codes, you need a partner who can handle the project from start to finish—you need Consulting Engineers Corp.

The services we provide during the retrofit process are comprehensive. We offer no-obligation telephone consultations to start the process and get a better understanding of what your engineering project will look like.Then, an on-site retrofit inspection will be done by a engineer.

The engineer will make a comprehensive analysis and of the structure and will make a custom design proposal for your building—no two designs are alike and we take that into account with every project that we take on.

Once that’s done, we will work with you to finalize the plan, and we will make sure we work with your budget in mind. Our team can coordinate with lenders, banks, brokers, etc. to secure funding for the project and ensure that it gets done to the standards that it needs to in order to enhance safety for you and your employees.

One of the best parts of working with us is that our construction services can be utilized if you want, to implement the design.

Experience You Can Trust

Since 1970, we’ve designed over 100,000,000 million square feet of commercial and industrial space and have performed earthquake retrofitting on many existing structures.With our client base including some of the largest and well-known developers in California, we’ve designed engineering systems and earthquake retrofitting for millions of square feet of commercial and industrial structures, including multi-unit residential apartment buildings.

We also are experts in retrofitting soft-story buildings that are now required avoid soft story collapses that marked much of the destruction of the Loma Prieta earthquake. Our goal is to protect the occupants of your buildings with the appropriate value engineering design and protect your building from damage.

Earthquake Preparedness Means Retrofitting

Living with earthquakes is a fact of life in the San Francisco area. After living here for a while you might not even get out of bed for the smaller rumblers that you become accustomed to, but being accustomed to living with the tectonic movement doesn’t absolve anyone of being prepared for the big earthquake that scientists assure us is coming.

Being ready for an earthquake requires a lot of small actions, like securing your hot water tank to the wall, and some big ones, too, such as making sure your house or apartment has all the necessary earthquake retrofitting that is necessary.

Engineers make new discoveries about how to best strengthen buildings, including those with soft story weaknesses and then cites mandate updating with new codes. We know that it’s a never-ending process, but we believe that it’s worth it to minimize damage and loss of life.

Contact us today for cost-effective, custom earthquake retrofitting by experienced engineers.